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Exercise with Dr. Rey

“I can show you how to love, even crave exercise. If you are moving you are exercising. I’ll even teach you how to burn calories during sex! Give me 30-days to get you addicted to exercise!” says Dr. Rey.

Exercise is one of Dr. Rey’s favorite things to do! He recognizes that finding time to fit exercise into your daily routine can be difficult. This is why he developed his No Sweat Workout which teaches you how to workout in 10 minutes anytime, anywhere and without breaking a sweat! Once you get hooked on this workout he’ll teach you how to sculpt any part of your body without surgery! Join his Health and Wellness Community and get video tutorials on each muscle sculpting exercise – fitness for every level. You can customize your workout to target your specific trouble areas using his proven exercise techniques!

Stay Healthy with Dr. Rey

“You cannot be truly healthy, or happy, unless you master all aspects of health!” says Dr. Rey.

Dr. Rey believes in 3 Aspects of Health: Body, Mind and Spirit. Each aspect is equally important and Dr. Rey has developed techniques in each area to help you achieves a healthy balance. Whether you follow the program outlined in his new book, Body by Rey, subscribe to his monthly newsletter or join his Health and Wellness Community you’ll get information, techniques and tips on how to keep your body lean and healthy, your mind sharp and clear, and how to live a positive, successful life. Food, exercise, personalized support, motivation, supplements, accessories, and daily affirmations are all part of Dr. Rey’s prescription for staying healthy. Start living well… start living balanced… start living now! Click here… (should hyperlink to HWC)

Stay Young with Dr. Rey

“Aging is a choice! You only have to look and feel as young as you want too! Aging brings wisdom and memories… wrinkles, weight gain, aches… everything else is a choice YOU make!" says Dr. Rey.
As a plastic surgeon Dr. Rey is an expert in helping people look as young as they can on the outside. What many people find shocking is that Dr. Rey believes surgery should be the last option when it comes to getting the body of your dreams. He also believes that you can use food, exercise and supplementation to stave off biological aging. Within the pages of his book and as part of his Health and Wellness Community you will learn his secrets for anti-aging like:
  • Body contouring without surgery!
  • Boosting B’s to C’s in 3 minutes!
  • Shrinking an inch overnight!
  • Skin care that beats Botox!
  • Defying your pant size without exercise!
  • Top 20 anti-aging foods!
  • Re-Igniting your libido – and his- using simple nutrients!
  • Regaining agility and flexibility with spices!
  • Banishing Menopause!
  • Conquering depression and anxiety!
  • Eating away your high blood pressure and cholesterol!
  • Living sweetly even with blood sugar issues!
  • And much, much, more!

Eat with Dr. Rey

“I love to eat. I eat all day – like a horse! I’m Brazilian and I love chocolate! Food is my friend, not my enemy!” says Dr. Rey.
Keeping your body lean and sexy has never been so easy or healthy. By following a “Rey-modified” Paleo-Diet, Dr. Rey keeps his body looking and feeling 25 years old even as he prepares to celebrate his 50th birthday! His daily regimen supports the development of lean, strong, metabolism-revving muscle and keeps mind and body in top shape with all day natural energy. He teaches you how to use food as a natural pharmacy to help turn your body into an anti-aging, disease-fighting machine. Unlike other diet plans that focus on strict calorie or carb counting Dr. Rey believes in eating more and counting less. He even recommends eating “sweets” at least 3X a day! Learn his secrets by reading his new book, Body by Rey, or by joining his online Health and Wellness Community. Dr. Rey lives the life he prescribes – and now you can too!